Gvantsa Tskhovrebashvili (1995) is a Georgian conceptual photographer currently based in Sélestat, France.  Her work is always profoundly personal, often featuring her self-portraits as a central theme.
Tskhovrebashvili, who holds a bachelor's degree in business and economy, alongside her main profession, started her work in photography in 2020, soon after she started working for Dissolution Gallery as a curator in Tbilisi, where she had her first group exhibition in 2022.
After this Tskhovrebashvili has been exhibited many times in Georgia and had several successes in photo contests, her photograph "Rainy Road" was shortlisted for Kolga Tbilisi Photo in 2022 and gave her an award and second place at Photo Contest Evtikhi in 2023, her photo series "Accidental fire" brought her 2nd place at Photography Image Award in 2023.
Tskhovrebashvili works with analog cameras,  when working in black and white she prefers to develop her films and print them in her darkroom, which makes her photographs more unique and intimate.
GVANTSA Tskhovrebashvili 
Film Photographer, darkroom printing enthusiast, and curator based in Tbilisi Georgia.
Born in1995.

Nakani-Mamasakhlisi Photo school (2019)
Tbilisi State University - Business and Economics (2013 - 2017)

Participant in Workshops:
Magnolia Film Lab - Film Photography and Darkroom Printing Workshop (2022)

Art residencies:
Photography Residency at Ria Keburia's Foundation (2023)
Within the framework of the Black Sea Photo Festival (2023)

Contest and awards:
Kolga Tbilisi Photo - Shortlisted for "One Shot" category (2022)
Photography Image Award - 2nd Place (2023)
Photo contest Evtikhi - 2nd Place (2023)

Chrysopoeia - Silver Fragments, Dissolution Gallery, Georgia (2022)
A Palette of Perspectives, Dissolution Gallery, Georgia (2022)
Tbilisi Arts Fair, Dissolution Gallery, Georgia (2022)
Patara Photo Fair, PLATFORMA 7, Georgia (2023)
Reflections - Unwritten Stories, PLATFORMA 7 and Black & White Gallery (2023)
Unheard Voices - Artistic freedom & self-expression. Holoseum and Invisible Hand (2023)
Black Sea photo festival, Arts House Poti (2023)
Silver Lining, Praktika (2023)

Human Nature, Dissolution Gallery, Georgia (2022)
Patara Photo Fair, PLATFORMA 7, Georgia (2023)

Mentor in Workshops:
Mentor in Darkroom printing Workshops, by PLATFORMA7 & Fotografia Gallery, Georgia (2023)
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